Sunday, January 9, 2022

Wild Edibles Classes By Suzanne Upton Shires Will Be Offered At Old School Survival Boot Camp

Expert forager and herbalist Suzanne Shires will be joining us at Old School Survival Boot Camp in 2022. She has two new wildcrafting books being published in February: Beyond the Garden Gate; Wild Food Recipes; and Beyond the Garden Gate; Wild Seasonings.

Suzanne's most recently published book, Wild Herb Gardening focuses on how to get wild herbs in your gardens and homestead.
"We all know in a grid down situation, leaving the compound may not be safe. Plus, our herbal foraging areas are becoming scarce. I show students how to get these beneficial herbs close at hand and just as importantly, what to do with them once they are on your homestead," Suzanne notes. Proper plant ID, gathering, and usage tips are all included in the book.
Suzanne has taught many classes in basic survival herbalism, how to find a plant on the trail or in the woods and how use it for first aid and getting back to safety.
She also has taught classes on how to use wild foods to stretch our food storage, bring vital fresh food nutrition to stored food, and how to prevent food fatigue with wild seasonings - as well as fermenting courses.
The exact details of the classes Suzanne will be teaching at Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022 are still evolving. Check back here frequently for updates about all classes and visit to learn more about the event and to purchase tickets.

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