Tuesday, September 28, 2021

OSS Boot Camp 2021 Review By The Everyday Prepper

 A great and much appreciated review of Old School Survival Boot Camp 2021 by The Everyday Prepper. Thank you Jeff Smith, I hope you enjoy the 2022 event even more!

In mid-May we had the extreme pleasure of spending a Friday at The Old School Survival Boot Camp at the Vinton County Fairgrounds in McArthur, Ohio. Let me tell you folks Tara Dodrill and her crew knocked it out of the park in their first time up to the plate! The fairground provided a wonderful setting for this adventure into the world of prepping and sustainable living. The range of subject presented in classes at the Boot Camp were impressive! Within the first hour we observed a hugely attended class on how to butcher a hog from start to finish. I have not seen anything like this at any other event I have attended. Aquaponics, food preservation, animal husbandry, edible plant walks for adults and kids, the list just goes on and on! This show is a definite “Go To”!
The Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022 is already scheduled for May 13-15, 2022. So do yourself a favor and get on Fakebook and like Old School Survival Boot Camp’s page before you forget! Tickets go on sale to everyone on 7/5/2021, buy early because I am sure this will be a sell-out!