Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Herbalism Classes At Old School Survival Boot Camp In The Hocking Hills May 14

Old School Survival Boot Camp presenter Jamie Schmotzer shares some details about the herbalism classes he will be teaching at the May 14-16 event in the Hocking Hills.

For more information about the more than 50 hands-on survival, homesteading, bushcraft, herbalism, off grid living, homeschooling, and martial arts classes taught by over 30 experts from around the country visit www.oldschoolsurvivalbootcamp.com

I grew up camping from a young age. It’s how I was raised. We went camping as a family since I was a baby, and as soon as I was old enough, I started Cub Scouts. As a teen and young adult, I kept up camping as a way to connect with people and relax. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I heard of this new word: Bushcraft. 

After being introduced to the world of Bushcraft, I took the Basic Class at the Pathfinder School

in April of 2015 and became friends with the man, the myth, the legend, and my friend – the one and only Jamie Burleigh,

who was Dave Canterbury’s right hand man for so many years and now is the co-owner and co-founder of the Old World Alliance,

a subscription based online source of bushcraft goodness and more.  At the Pathfinder Basic Class I also met Jason Hunt, owner of Campcraft Outdoors, and now, years later, I’m a Brand Ambassador for his family owned & operated business.  Late 2019, at its inception, I was brought on as one of the founding instructors of the Old World Alliance, along with Jason Hunt, where I focused on family herbalism and the home apothecary.  

Besides camping, bushcraft, herbalism, and being a novice Civil War reenactor (Union civilian), I’m also a musician. I started playing the piano at church when I was 12 years old, and eventually I became fascinated with Blues guitar. Up until the Covid-19 pandemic struck I could be found jamming the Blues at a local bar every Thursday night, which I found to be quite therapeutic.  You can find some of my playing on my YouTube channel, which is linked below.

Additionally, I’m an ordained Anglican clergyman. I started seminary in January of 2010, graduated with an M.A. in Ministry in 2012, continued on to earn M.Div equivalency and have nearly completed a D.Min in Ascetical Theology from Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin. I also completed the certificate program in Spiritual Direction through the Ignatian Spirituality Institute at John Carroll University in 2015. After four years of being the Vicar of All Saints Anglican Church in North Canton, Ohio, I began a sabbatical in November of 2019 to focus on building JW Apothecary LLC. 

I created www.JWapothecary.com so that people who dig what I do have a single place to go to connect with everything that I’m up to. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me! 

Links to my social media presence can be found on my website!

Check out my YouTube channel, where you’ll find videos related to camping, bushcraft, herbalism, and even some Blues!

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